The Architect’s Professional Protective Ally

Pro-Demnity recently updated its website to better articulate its three product and service offerings as well as value to architects, and in particular for the 1,500+ architectural firms who are served directly.
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Meet The CEO

Attendees of the OAA Virtual Conference will have an opportunity to meet with President and CEO Bruce H. Palmer at our Virtual Booth.
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David Croft Honoured by The OAA

We are delighted that David Croft is receiving the G. Randy Roberts Service Award from the OAA at the 2021 Awards Presentation on May 18, 2021 during this year’s virtual conference.
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Architects can retire from practice and from insurance premiums

The Straight Line Newsletter — Issue #14 Welcome to the 14th issue of The Straight Line, now a quarterly. Why quarterly? Because things in general – liability insurance in particular – seem to be changing more rapidly than ever, even as many of us, stuck in our makeshift home offices, watch time slowly stroll by. […]

Changes to allowable construction activities

Prior to April 17, 2021, s.43 of the O. Reg 82/20 provided that all construction activities or projects and related services were allowed to proceed in Stage 1 areas of Shutdown due to COVID-19. As of April 17, all of Ontario is in Shutdown and s.43 has been significantly amended, with the result that construction […]
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Do your Fees Adequately Reflect Project Scope and Risk?

You’re bidding on an exciting new project and asked to pull together the fee proposal (dread). Too high a fee and your proposal may be rejected. Too low a fee and the proposal might not reflect certain realities (and so, might be rejected anyway – even in a competitive environment). If only pricing out a […]
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Planning for Risk

On Risk Life is risky. You don’t have to be an architect or a mountain climber to know that. U of T Professor Mark Kingwell puts it this way: “If life were a game of chance, we would probably choose not to play: the chances are stacked in favour of the house and against the […]
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Six Ways to Reduce Risk

In architectural practice, risk takes many forms. It’s comforting to know that your Pro-Demnity policy protects you against the risks of error or unintentional neglect. The policy spells out the many things that are covered, as well those that aren’t. Bear in mind that a number of things aren’t specifically mentioned, simply because they aren’t responsibilities imposed by common law. This is to say that, “A professional liability insurance policy is not an all-risk contract. It is rather a safety net, providing protective cover within specified limits.”
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Client-Authored Contracts for Architectural Services

Risk Transfer Concerns with Insurance Implications The following draws on material originally developed by Pro-Demnity and its legal counsel, to assist the RAIC respond to questions arising from a presentation to a Senate Committee. The response to the RAIC captured many of the common concerns of architects related to Risk Transfer arising from client-authored contract […]
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