Navigating Risk:
What Practice Leaders Do

A fresh look at the facets of risk in architectural practice and how simple, methodical approaches help leaders (re-)evaluate risk. Risks inherently exist throughout the life of an architectural design project, rearing up intermittently throughout the beginning, middle and end, continuing years after and beyond the finished design or constructed architectural masterpiece.  Design innovation is […]
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Contract? What Contract?

Work on a small office building, starts before a permit has been issued. A gross error is discovered in the drawings, so the building is redesigned, but the desired design is not possible. The modified design is built, but it contains further flaws, so the owner sues the architect.
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Too Many Cooks…

Three architects, a construction manager and one engineer, all reviewing one mason’s work, cause confusion on a job site. An expert is hired but his advice is ignored.
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A house is not a home

An architect fails to record client instructions, confusing residential ambiance with institutional requirements, and shoddy workmanship goes unobserved by the engineer.
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Loss Control Through Claims Experience

On a difficult site, an architect exceeds the limits of his expertise and fails in his duty to the owner as “inspector of work,” assuming liability for incorrect work.
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What Records Should I Keep

There is no simple rule. Which records prove to be most important will depend on the particulars of the claim and will differ in each instance. When litigation occurs, it is the lawyer’s task to find out what went wrong and who is responsible. But it is the Architect’s obligation to provide as much information […]
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David Croft: Architect, Advocate, Adventurer, and Author of Claims Stories

The Straight Line Newsletter — Issue #13 Message from the President  Some people transcend easy categorization, defining themselves through their broad intelligence, unswerving drive, and confident individuality. David Croft is one of those people.  Over decades of service, David crafted a unique reputation as both a tireless defender of architects and a just source of knowledge […]

Two Risks That You Can Avoid Now

The Straight Line Newsletter — Issue #12 Pro-Demnity Presents Joanne McCallum as Chair The Pro-Demnity Board is pleased to introduce chair, Joanne McCallum, OAA, FRAIC.  Joanne joined the Pro-Demnity Board in 2017 and was elected Chair in February 2020. Her previous support to the architectural profession includes service on OAA Council; a term as OAA vice […]

A Tribute to former President and CEO Byron Treves

The Straight Line Newsletter — Issue #11 Message from the President At my first meeting with Byron, over breakfast in a small Toronto diner, it was obvious he is a man who knows his stuff. A nice man, a kind man – truly, a gentleman – but not one to be bluffed when it comes […]