2022 Client Survey launches October 28

Thank you for being a Pro-Demnity client. We greatly appreciate working with your firm.

At Pro-Demnity, we believe the keys to helping you succeed are to understand your experiences with us and your perspective on how we are doing. To get an objective understanding of these important matters, we have engaged an external firm, Acceleration Strategy Inc. to survey our clients.

During the week of October 24th, policyholders will receive an email invitation via Qualtrics and Acceleration Strategy with the subject line: Share your experience – 2022 Pro-Demnity Client Survey. It will include a survey link asking you to complete a short online survey. Although the link is unique to you and not to be forwarded, all data collected is anonymous (unless you provide contact information) and will be aggregated. You will be able share your feedback on a range of topics, including ease of doing business with us as well as satisfaction with products and services.

Every bit of feedback is valuable to us as it will allow Pro-Demnity to continuously improve to better serve your firm as your trusted, indispensable, and professional ally. The last time we conducted this client survey in the summer of 2019, we used your feedback to make enhancements in several key areas that were important to you, such as frequency and quality of communications, increased options for payment plans, improved access to online resources and risk information, as well as more claims stories.

As a thank you for completing the survey, Pro-Demnity will make a donation to charitable organizations such as: Water First, Assaulted Women’s Helpline, or Habitat for Humanity. Policyholders will be able to select from one of these three charities at the end of the survey. 

Your ongoing feedback is invaluable as we work towards being an indispensable and trusted ally for you and your architecture practice, while continuously improving our value, service and offerings to all clients.

Thank you to all our policyholders for your support, assistance and interest in sharing your experience with us.

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