Rates, Inflation and Premiums

Over these last many years, Pro-Demnity has consistently shared that the costs it faces continue to climb. Several trends over the last 10 years have increased architects’ exposure over longer […]
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2023 Annual Update: Protecting Practices

Protecting Ontario’s architectural practices is what Pro-Demnity does. It’s rooted in our history and informs our future. It’s why we matter to architects, and why architects count on us. This year’s annual update highlights how we rally to protect practices, and the protective measures we employ to enable architecture firms in their pursuit of designing a better world.
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2022 Top Ten Risk Education Articles for Architects

The following Top 10 Reads of 2022 reflect the interests and needs of Ontario’s Architects. We hope it’s illuminating and powers you up to expand your knowledge and understanding of risks associated with architectural practice.
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