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As the architects’ professional, trusted ally, we are skilled at handling any claim against you and your firm. Rest assured, we’re here to help you through the process, so you can get back to the business of your architectural practice and serving your clients.   

Your policy provides a formal definition of a claim. In simple terms, a claim contains some allegation of wrongdoing, the wrongdoing is claimed to have resulted in damages suffered by a third party and there is request or demand for a restitution. 

Report a claim or a potential claim to us immediately* if you:

  • have been advised of a claim
  • are aware of a potential error or allegation that could reasonably lead to a claim
  • or your practice are aware of a lawsuit or legal proceeding seeking damages for a loss from a project for which you provided architectural services

We process every claim on a confidential case-by-case basis. Just as every claim is different, so too is the length of time that a claim might take from notification to conclusion. We will help you through the process.

Simply follow our lead, support the process, complete the Claims Form when requested, provide your documentation upon request, and stay patient. You’ll be kept apprised of the status of your claim, and you can always contact us whenever you have further questions.

*You must immediately notify Pro-Demnity as soon as you become aware of a Claim. Please see the “What are my duties/obligations in the event of a Claim” in the FAQs below.


It is useful to have:

  • Claimant details
  • Project information
  • Date of claim or notice to you
  • Contact information for the person most knowledgeable about the claim
  • Loss details

You may refer to the Notification of Claim form to understand the type information that will be required to assess your claim.  We understand you may not have all the information to complete the form, however, start to gather the documents that are most relevant to the project or claim, and when you speak with your Claim Manager they will advise on anything further that might be required.

  • When you report a claim by telephone or email you will receive an acknowledgement letter by email
  • You may be asked to complete a Notification of Claim Form, and potentially to submit any relevant documentation you have.
  • Your Claim Manager will contact you to learn more about your claim, understand the situation better and identify the relevant and required documents to support your defense.
  • Your professional liability insurance policy outlines your duties in the event of a claim.
  • As soon as you become aware of a claim, you must immediately notify Pro-Demnity, giving all pertinent details as to the circumstances surrounding the claim.
  • As events unfold which may have an effect on the claim, you must continue to keep Pro-Demnity informed.
  • You must cooperate with Pro-Demnity and, upon request, provide written statements, submit to examinations and questioning, assist in effecting settlement, secure, and give evidence and assist in any reasonable way Pro-Demnity deems necessary.
  • You must give this cooperation at your own cost.
  • You must promptly pay any Claims Expenses over and above the Claims Expenses payable by Pro-Demnity under your Policy.
  • You must pay your deductible promptly upon request.
  • You must not admit responsibility, assume any obligation, or make any commitment of money or services without Pro-Demnity’s consent, even if you believe there may have been an error, omission, or negligent act on your part.
  • You must not do anything which will imperil Pro-Demnity’s rights of recovery against any other party.

You will also need to notify the other insurer using their claim process.

Visit Claims for additional information.

  • If you have a claim-related question on an existing claim please contact your Claim Manager directly.
  • If you have not filed a claim and have general questions regarding coverage, please contact our Underwriting department at 416-386-1770 or
  • If you have not filed a claim and have a question about reporting a potential claim, please contact our Claim department at 416-386-1770 or