2023 Annual Update: Protecting Practices

Protecting Ontario’s architectural practices is what Pro-Demnity does. It’s rooted in our history and informs our future. It’s why we matter to architects, and why architects count on us. This year’s annual update highlights how we rally to protect practices, and the protective measures we employ to enable architecture firms in their pursuit of designing a better world.
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Why architects should use OAA contracts

There’s just ONE contract to rule them all, and it’s from the OAA. Here’s a litigator’s perspective on how OAA 600 and OAA 800 protect architects.
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Navigating Risk:
What Practice Leaders Do

A fresh look at the facets of risk in architectural practice and how simple, methodical approaches help leaders (re-)evaluate risk. Risks inherently exist throughout the life of an architectural design […]
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Lenders’ Undertakings (aka “Bank” or “Funder” Letter)

Since 2020, Pro-Demnity continues to receive increased calls from architects who are faced with an unfamiliar but seemingly harmless request from their client: to sign a form of undertaking addressed […]
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The Architect as Expert Witness

As an architect, you may be asked to appear as an expert witness. The first thing you may ask yourself is: “What would I be getting myself into?” Many architects have wisely asked Pro-Demnity that same question. So here is a brief but hopefully illuminating answer that summarizes our guidance, while reminding you that, as always, every case is different.
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How to manage your clients and minimize claims

Once you’ve decided to take on a client, it’s important to be risk-proactive.
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My client was my friend, until they sued me

Fourteen guidelines for architects on how to deal with personal– professional relationships.
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Limitation Periods: Is an architect ever safe from litigation?

By the very nature of the profession, when an architect is sued, it has to do with a dispute centred on a building.  Since most buildings are designed to last […]
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What Architects need to know about 30.10 motions

Imagine this scenario: a busy architect is out making a site visit when it happens: their phone buzzes and an email pops up from a colleague alerting them that legal […]
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