What Architects need to know about 30.10 motions

Imagine this scenario: a busy architect is out making a site visit when it happens: their phone buzzes and an email pops up from a colleague alerting them that legal documents were served on the firm at reception. When the architect opens the attached pdf, they see a bunch of legal documents, possibly under a […]
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Working together to keep water in its place

This is an abbreviated version of an article that was published in the Fall 2018 edition of Pushing the Envelope Canada, which is printed twice per year by Matrix Group Publishing Inc. for the Ontario Building Envelope Council. Portions of the original article have been reprinted with permission and may not be reproduced without prior […]
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2022 Annual Update

From our early beginnings as an indemnity plan in 1987, Pro-Demnity was designed to be the architects’ trusted, protective, professional ally, providing Ontario’s architectural practices with professional liability insurance solutions and risk management services. We enable the architectural profession to improve society and human interaction through better design, by supporting the wise, effective, and efficient management of risk. Read our 2022 Annual Update and learn how we are protective by design.
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Sorry. Not Sorry.

The Apology Act is intended to make it possible for professionals, including architects, to apologize for errors, without necessarily Incurring liability. The word “necessarily” is important here, since there are critical exceptions. Danielle Muise discusses the Act as it applies to Ontario architects.
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Eight Insurance Risk Trends to Watch

Bruce Palmer, President and CEO shares eight important trends that will affect insurance risks and claims.
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Navigating Risk:
What Practice Leaders Do

A fresh look at the facets of risk in architectural practice and how simple, methodical approaches help leaders (re-)evaluate risk. Risks inherently exist throughout the life of an architectural design project, rearing up intermittently throughout the beginning, middle and end, continuing years after and beyond the finished design or constructed architectural masterpiece.  Design innovation is […]
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5 things a Pro-Demnity lawyer doesn’t want to hear from an architect

John Little, Partner, Keel Cotrelle LLP Over the years, I have had a great many initial meetings with architects and Pro-Demnity Claims Managers as we start to learn more about the Claim being made against the architect. During those years, I have developed a list of the things I realize I don’t want to hear. […]
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25 Things Within An Architect’s Control

Did you know there are at least 25 things that an architect can do to manage or mitigate practice and project risks? We first shared our list of “25 Things” at the 2021 OAA Virtual Conference. Read on and download this useful resource to start implementing or integrating any one (or all!) of these ideas in your practice.
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What Records Should I Keep

There is no simple rule. Which records prove to be most important will depend on the particulars of the claim and will differ in each instance. When litigation occurs, it is the lawyer’s task to find out what went wrong and who is responsible. But it is the Architect’s obligation to provide as much information […]
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