Navigating Risk:
What Practice Leaders Do

A fresh look at the facets of risk in architectural practice and how simple, methodical approaches help leaders (re-)evaluate risk.

Risks inherently exist throughout the life of an architectural design project, rearing up intermittently throughout the beginning, middle and end, continuing years after and beyond the finished design or constructed architectural masterpiece.  Design innovation is fueled and infused with both risks and rewards.

Navigating those risks is a continuous challenge for architectural practice leaders. There are the known risks, which they’re actively anticipating, seeking to manage or mitigate them early on – like taking reasonable precautions in contracts or establishing quality assurance best practices at various project stages.

Then there are the unknown risks. The sudden and unforeseen ones.

In this whitepaper Pro-Demnity shares a modern perspective on risk, examining probability and impact while offering enlightened approaches that help architectural practice leaders make informed decisions about risks associated with practice.

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First published November 1, 2021

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