Engineer’s Standard Terms of Engagement

Many architects are used to seeing an attachment to an engineer’s fee proposal titled “Standard Terms of Engagement” or similar. Sometimes these are signed and returned by the architect…often they […]

Indemnification Clauses

Many client drafted Client / Architect contracts include “indemnification” language that will expose the architect to obligations and liabilities that are beyond what are already the architect’s at law, and […]
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Glass used in Balcony Guards

In the summer of 2011, there was considerable media attention focused on “falling glass” from breakage of the glass panels used as guards on several condominium buildings in Toronto. In […]

Why You Must Understand “Claims Made” Insurance…

“Claims Made” insurance and the implications of such policies can be misunderstood by architects and their engineering consultants. Failure to understand the features and consequences of a “Claims Made” insurance […]
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Request for “Claims Experience”

Occasionally, provision of “Claims Experience” is a requirement of a Selection Process for architects. If faced with such request, act with extreme caution. Most settlement agreements contain provisions prohibiting any […]