Three Reasons to Increase your Liability Limits

How do you know when it’s time to increase your liability limits? There’s no hard and fast rule, but any one of these reasons might apply to your architectural practice:

  1. Your firm is growing and you’ve increased the number of projects being undertaken.
  2. Your firm is increasingly bidding on projects whose gross value exceeds your mandatory practice insurance limits.
  3. Your firm is stretching creatively to pursue design projects beyond your current expertise and knowledge.

You may be eligible for additional coverage above the $1 million per claim level up to $40 million in aggregate, when approved by Pro-Demnity. In addition, consolidating your firm’s excess coverage with Pro-Demnity means seamless, efficient and professional claims handling that will save you aggravation, time and money in the event of a claim.

Speak with an underwriting expert to request a quote.

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