Season 2 – Episode 7

It’s often been said that seeing is believing, and this is certainly true in legal proceedings. Ever since movies were first allowed into a courtroom, film and video have provided a reliable way of capturing reality and presenting it as evidence. Who knows how many people have been convicted or exonerated on the basis of images on a screen? In this episode, featuring two stories, Architects find themselves confronted by video evidence that may reveal either guilt or innocence. And neither is certain.

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Architects’ Claims Stories have been fictionalized, to protect the identity of the parties involved, but each recount the circumstances of a real claim, inspired by the 6,000+ that Pro-Demnity has defended over the years. The “cast of characters” involve the Architect, the Client/Owner, the Sub-Contractors and others – whose situations are part of an unfolding drama, from the origin of the claim right up to the often-surprising outcome.

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