Season 2 – Episode 6

It’s an infrequent mistake, but it happens: Consultants and projects are chosen unwisely, and the architect must assume responsibility for the consequences. In these two stories, those errors are about to doom the projects . . . until a second—extremely rare—phenomenon occurs: Fate steps in and saves the day. The odds of winning Lotto Max are about 33 million to one. The odds of your project being saved by blind luck are in about the same range.

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Architects’ Claims Stories have been fictionalized, to protect the identity of the parties involved, but each recount the circumstances of a real claim, inspired by the 6,000+ that Pro-Demnity has defended over the years. The “cast of characters” involve the Architect, the Client/Owner, the Sub-Contractors and others – whose situations are part of an unfolding drama, from the origin of the claim right up to the often-surprising outcome.

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