Pro-Demnity Insurance Company provides the mandatory professional liability insurance to Ontario architects in accordance with provincial legislation.  Although it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA), it is an independent entity with its own Board of Directors. As an insurance company, it is regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

It commenced operations in 1987 as an “Indemnity Plan” within the OAA.  In 2003 the OAA transferred the operations of the Indemnity Plan to Pro-Demnity Insurance Company to continue to provide the mandatory insurance.

In addition to its mandatory role, Pro-Demnity provides to Ontario architects:

  • Increased limits up to $10,250,000;
  • Single project insurance;
  • A Retirement From Practice Program;
  • Risk management services offering advice and support to individual practices and publication on current topics of concern for its insured practices.

To enhance the provision of risk management, Pro-Demnity supported the establishment of The Foundation For Architectural Research, a not-for-profit organization.  The Foundation provides loss prevention seminars and research to assist practitioners in the reduction of exposure to professional liability claims.

Pro-Demnity is tribunalized at Lloyd’s and approved as a Coverholder to provide insurance on behalf of certain Lloyd’s underwriters in accordance with the agreement between the underwriters and Pro-Demnity. This provides the opportunity to provide insurance to supplement the existing mandatory and other insurances offered by Pro-Demnity.


Board of Directors

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Staff Team

Bruce H. Palmer
President & Chief Executive Officer

David Croft
Executive Claims Advisor

John Hackett
Vice President, Practice Risk Management

Margarette Chan
Corporate Secretary

Rosemarie Hurst
Vice President, Legal

Basil Andrews
Legal Counsel

Ann-Marie Benny
Legal Assistant/ Law Clerk

Parth Amin
Legal Assistant

Salvador Knafo
Claims Manager

David Gillespie
Claims Manager

Lynn Simmons
Executive Claims Administrator

Christina Ukrainetz
Administrative Assistant, Claims

Jeff Aiken
I.T. Services


Byron Treves
Executive Advisor

Diane Hui
Vice President, Financial Operations

Tony Shi
Assistant Financial Controller

Christel Watson
Administrative Assistant, Finance

Julia Mo
Manager, Quality Assurance

Karen Goring
Assistant Corporate Secretary

Darya Tbaileh
Governance & Project Coordinator

Andrea LaLonde
Chief Underwriter

Larissa Fong

Gavin Jones
Junior Underwriter

Charlene Queano
Junior Underwriter

Jenelle Spencer
Receptionist/ Administrative Assistant

Larry Legouffe
Maintenance & Supplies Manager