Season 1 of Architects’ Claims Stories

Season one is packaged up to include 4 full episodes and one bonus episode from Season 2. Each episode includes lessons learned and offers tips to help architects be more risk-aware in your practice.
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Lenders’ Undertakings (aka “Bank” or “Funder” Letter)

Since 2020, Pro-Demnity continues to receive increased calls from architects who are faced with an unfamiliar but seemingly harmless request from their client: to sign a form of undertaking addressed […]
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Relying on Consultants

Architects sometimes take on projects that require the skill and experience that only a specialist consultant can provide. And, it’s easy to fall into the trap of taking responsibility in areas where your knowledge, and your ability to control events, are limited.
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2022 Top Ten Risk Education Articles for Architects

The following Top 10 Reads of 2022 reflect the interests and needs of Ontario’s Architects. We hope it’s illuminating and powers you up to expand your knowledge and understanding of risks associated with architectural practice.
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Exploring New Products

Episode 4 of Architects’ Claims Stories examines how architectural creativity often involves exploring new products, or in some cases, finding new uses for existing products. But be aware that the associated risks of experimenting with new products can be burdensome, and as the architects in these two stories discovered, the penalties can be severe.
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The Architect as Expert Witness

As an architect, you may be asked to appear as an expert witness. The first thing you may ask yourself is: “What would I be getting myself into?” Many architects have wisely asked Pro-Demnity that same question. So here is a brief but hopefully illuminating answer that summarizes our guidance, while reminding you that, as always, every case is different.
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The Client Edition

The Straight Line Newsletter — Issue #19 Client management requires consistency, discipline, a focus on shared goals, and managing the path to the successful and claims-free realization of your design. […]
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