Claims Expertise Deepens to Serve Architects Better

Did you know that Pro-Demnity’s Legal and Claims department processes and manages every claim and allegation of error, omission or negligence levied against Ontario architects? The team is at the forefront of defending architects in the 6000+ claims reported over 35 years.

As part of our ongoing key priority to Strengthen Operations as shared in our 2022 Annual Update, we’re increasing support to architects when claims arise, by adding three new Insurance Professionals to the team. We welcomed Jay Pahk, Jack Daiter and Darshana Radhoa in March 2022.  Each of them has significant experience in the management of professional liability insurance claims and serve as Claims Specialists.

Their addition gives Pro-Demnity an exceptional breadth of expertise with which to continue to defend Ontario architects. Our claims team is further strengthened by a formidable legal team which includes Philip Ghosh, Christine Lau, and Amy Spagnolo, all led by Rosemarie Hurst, VP Legal and Claims. 

Over the next few months, existing claim files will transition to our new Claims Specialists with the goal of having the transition complete by July 2022. The Claims Managers and Specialists are working closely together to ensure an effective transfer of knowledge on active files and continue to strategize and coordinate where required.  This collaborative trifecta of Claims Managers, Specialists and Lawyers leverage their unique expertise and dedication to clients’ cases, while striving every day to be the architects’ professional, trusted ally.

Later this summer, we’ll share additional updates and keep you apprised of our plans to further increase support to architects and architectural firms.

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