Embrace E-Payments. Cheques being phased out in 2024.

Pro-Demnity is encouraging clients to move to electronic payments throughout 2023, upon renewal. The ability to pay by cheque will be phased out before the end of 2024.

Premium and deductible payments can be made by:

  1. On-line payments through a bank or credit union
  2. Electronic Funds transfers (EFT)
  3. Pre-authorized Debit (PAD)

Electronic payment is secure, private, while protecting your banking information, and easy to set up through your bank or credit union. More importantly, it ensures that your professional liability insurance and policy coverage doesn’t risk being cancelled. Setting up E-payment also helps to prioritize the professional liability obligations required of your architectural practice.

Please transition to E-payments for your professional liability insurance premiums as soon as possible, or upon your next renewal. Please see Payment Options for instructions on the E-payment types noted above.

We are actively exploring opportunities to introduce more digital and online payment options in the future to make it even easier for clients.

In the meantime, and effective July 5, 2023, through to the end of 2024, when cheque payments will be phased out, please follow the new cheque-handling process if you are still making cheque payments: 

Send ONLY CHEQUE PAYMENTS via Canada Post to our secure Lockbox:

C/O TX4152C
PO BOX 4621, STN A

In the envelope, you must include:

1. a copy of your invoice

2. the cheque, with invoice number and policy number noted on the cheque(s).

Please do not send any other documents to this address, other than cheques. All other correspondence should be mailed to our business/street address noted on our website.

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