Every Practice Needs a Lawyer

The Straight Line Newsletter — Issue #18


Lawyers Available to Assist Architects

One very good way of managing risk is to establish a business relationship with a lawyer who understands your practice and its objectives. Then, should you need help understanding a contract, collecting overdue accounts, responding to challenging or threatening correspondence – or any other legal issue – the necessary resources are close at hand. Pro-Demnity has prepared some helpful advice and a list of lawyers who are prepared to help.

Architects’ Claims Stories

There’s a lot more to Pro-Demnity’s Claims Stories than meets the eye – or the ear. These popular stories are now available as podcasts, with online versions slated for re-release throughout the year. Here is the Backstory.

2022 Annual Update: A Message from the CEO

CEO Bruce Palmer gives an overview of Pro-Demnity’s financial performance in 2021 and outlines how our team continues to fulfill our Cause and Purpose to protect and defend architects, through Four Key Priorities: Strategic Direction, Strengthened Operation, Client Centricity and People & Culture.

Working Together to Keep Water in its Place

To the list of inevitable calamities, along with death and taxes, add water damage. Despite modern technological advances, and ample available knowledge about the problems and how to avoid them, water damage to building enclosures, continues to be a leading trigger of professional liability claims against Ontario architects. (This is an updated reprint.)

Download Issue #18 of The Straight Line: Click on the 3 ellipses in the menu bar of the flip book below, and select “Download PDF file.”

The Straight Line is a newsletter for architects and others interested in the profession. It is published by Pro-Demnity Insurance Company to provide a forum for discussion of a broad range of issues affecting architects and their professional liability insurance.

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