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Visual Evidence

It’s often been said that seeing is believing, and this is certainly true in legal proceedings. Ever since movies were first allowed into a courtroom, film and video have provided a reliable way of capturing reality and presenting it as evidence. Who knows how many people have been convicted or exonerated on the basis of images on a screen? In this episode, featuring two stories, Architects find themselves confronted by video evidence that may reveal either guilt or innocence. And neither is certain.
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2023 Top Ten Risk Education Insights for Architects

The popular “Top 10 Reads” of 2023 reflect the interests of Ontario’s Architects. With illuminating and valuable insights, architects are poised to increase their understanding of risks associated with architectural practice.
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Pro-Demnity fully divests from fossil fuel investments

Divestiture from fossil fuel investments, a process that began in 2018, is now completed.
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Five benefits to reporting a claim

Reporting a claim to us is not only a contractual obligation under your policy, but also a smart move that can save you time, money, and hassle.
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Is your site review as good as you think?

Will your next site review lead to a claim? Sal Knafo shares twelve tips to enhance your site review process and improve your risk management system.
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Poor Choices

It’s an infrequent mistake, but it happens: Consultants and projects are chosen unwisely, and the architect must assume responsibility for the consequences. In these two stories, those errors are about to doom the projects . . . until a second—extremely rare—phenomenon occurs: Fate steps in and saves the day. The odds of winning Lotto Max are about 33 million to one. The odds of your project being saved by blind luck are in about the same range.
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Client Demands

Many architects will tell you that some of their greatest professional rewards come from their relationships with their clients, working as a team toward a common goal. But occasionally, these relationships break down, and what starts out as professional affection deteriorates into outright animosity. It’s a fine idea to make friends of clients, and even clients of friends, but remember: business and friendship can sometimes make poor allies.
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Unchecked Qualifications

“Trust but verify” is a diplomatic term that applies just as well to architectural practice. Give your team members enough space to exercise their own skills, but always maintain a discreet watchful eye. Lack of professional oversight contributes to several problems, and those problems lead to claims.
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Professional Liability Insurance of Former Lic.Tech.OAA Certificate of Practice Policyholders

Pro-Demnity is proactively and confidentially contacting former Lic.Tech.OAA Certificate of Practice policyholders to provide relevant information regarding the impact to their professional liability insurance coverage, further to the outcome of the Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario (AATO) Court Application on May 10, 2023.  Pro-Demnity is committed to supporting current and former policyholders experiencing transformations […]
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