Podcast Launch: Architects’ Claims Stories

March 9, 2022

All Day

Pro-Demnity has played a central role in Ontario architects’ claims for 35 years, helping architects when they’ve experienced allegations of error or negligence. The situations were so interesting in fact, that David Croft (now retired VP of Claims) – a keen observer of human behaviour – noted many of them over a period of 20+ years, spinning them into a treasure-trove collection of 72 accounts of architects in trouble: what got them there, how Pro-Demnity helped them deal with it, how they recovered from it, and what this tells us about human nature.   

Now, Pro-Demnity is adapting many of the 72 claims stories into a podcast series, to share them more broadly with diverse audiences through a popular, growing media format.

Episode 1: No Written Record is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

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