President & CEO

Responsibilities as president and CEO

As Pro-Demnity’s fearless leader, Bruce believes in the power of building a team, where everyone is a leader. Empowering all to feel like a valued contributor to the common and united passion to support architects. Bruce is in charge of all strategic direction and is fueled by finding new solutions and services for architects, to better protect them, defend them and help the profession meet new levels. And he’s down-to-earth to boot.

An ally to architects and insurance

30 years in commercial insurance

PRO-areas of expertise

When it comes to being a good student, Bruce is an expert. With a plethora of degrees, including an MBA, an engineering degree and within the insurance profession he holds degrees from the Global Risk Management Institute and the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada. Bruce is also a Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional. And we all know the best kind of leader is always a student.

As a senior insurance executive Bruce has a wealth of experience in the insurance industry, ranging from sales and distribution, to business development, general management leadership and most importantly client services.

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