VP Financial Operations

Responsibilities as financial front-runner

Like the financial wind beneath Pro-Demnity’s wings Diane is a powerful force. She plans, implements and manages the company’s financial health. She is also responsible for designing the Enterprise Risk Management strategy to help identify, assess and protect the organization against any potential risks. She is like the asset safeguard, bodyguard.

As a senior leader, she works alongside the CEO, COO and Board members to provide invaluable financial insights and analytical thinking to help achieve day-to -day plans and enable the long-term visions to take flight.

An ally to architects and insurance

Over 25 years in professional liability insurance and within the architectural industry.

PRO-areas of expertise

As an expert in Corporate Finance, her expertise extends to  asset management and protection including external financial and regulatory reporting, compliance and control and solvency for in-depth property and casualty insurance.  Diane is stellar at managing investments and leaves no financial risk stone unturned by specializing in actuarial, enterprise risk management, capital management and reinsurance.

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