Vice President, Practice Risk Management

Responsibilities on risky business

John’s primary responsibility is more of a calling: to assist architects with concerning circumstances and risks that arise in their practice. He acts as a keen identifier of and advisor of risk issues that impact the architect’s business. John is in charge of preparing and presenting risk education programs and information for those in and outside of the field.  But what John is probably most known as, is “that voice on the phone” to provide “architect to architect” advice and put you at ease if things start to feel out of alignment.

An ally to architects and insurance

  • 37 years in practice as an architect
  • 17 years with Pro-Demnity

PRO-Areas of expertise

Sometimes the most valuable expertise is the  “takes one to know one” kind.

This rings true with John. He is a licensed architect in Ontario and several other provinces, as well as  a previous co -owner of a practice for almost 20 years. John brings a deep awareness and “architect life experience” to the need and value of professional liability insurance, specifically Pro-Demnity’s program. He has a keen sense and instinct to identify the “trouble” moments and communicate those issues of concern with architects and others.  With a ton of experience with publicly funded institutional clients and projects where stakeholder financial support and successful fundraising was critical, John is a pro at keeping you in line with how to best support and protect your practice. At the end of the day, he knows all you really want to do, is design for clients and communities.

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