Corporate Secretary

Responsibilities as a right-hand

With Pro-Demnity from day one, Margarette is one of the founding supporters. She is a CIP.

Her primary responsibility as Corporate Secretary is  providing essential Board management and Committee support as well as assisting the President & CEO. She is our Compliance Officer and custodian of key company records and documents. As an extension of her compliance duties, Margarette serves as the organization’s Ombudsman Liaison Representative for The Office of the Insurance Ombudsman.

An ally to architects and insurance

  • She has been dealing with architectural insurance since she joined the Indemnity Plan in 1988
  • 18 years as Corporate Secretary with Pro-Demnity

PRO-areas of expertise

With her deep knowledge of the organization’s history and growth over the last 33 years, it’s safe to say nothing gets passed Margarette.

When Pro-Demnity was granted Lloyd’s Cover holder status in 2005, Margarette was named an underwriter on the Binding Authority due to her early expertise in reviewing insurance applications and issuing policies to Ontario Certificate of Practice holders, as well as her  fluency in both “architectural” and insurance languages.

Margarette is the master at dotting all the ‘i’s and crossing all the “t”s, ensuring that the organization is always onside.

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