Lead Architect, Risk Services

Responsibilities as Lead Architect

Salvador’s primary role is to lead the in-house architectural team and provide an architect’s perspective on issues across all facets of the company, working with leadership, stakeholders, claim specialists, legal counsel in and outside the organization. Salvador’s breadth of experience includes having worked in professional liability claims with architects, construction dispute, as well as interacting with insurance underwriters in product development and other initiatives within the Company. Most importantly Salvador passionately serves the Profession of Architecture by providing consultation to its stakeholders on avoiding liability and minimizing risk.


An ally to architects and insurance

30 years at Pro-Demnity (previously the OAA Indemnity Plan) defending architects on claims and providing advice on how to avoid getting caught up in one.

Pro-Areas of Expertise

In a profession fraught with attacks from clients, contractors and many others within the backdrop of a litigious construction industry through which millions of dollars passes hands every day, Salvador understands the challenges facing architects and makes time to lend an empathetic ear and assist with developing positive solutions.  He passionately advocates for architects and the profession so that those “out in the trenches” can strive for excellence while exercising their skills and creativity to the fullest with peace of mind.

Salvador holds degrees from the University of Waterloo and is a long-time member of the OAA and RAIC.

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