Susan has over 3 decades of experience working in architecture and the Public Realm through urbanism and landscape. She is a registered architect and Fellow of the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada (RAIC), and a Past President of the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA). Susan’s design studio is rooted in community building and innovative thinking, in the service of actionable projects. Her current work crosses multiple disciplines to create what she calls ‘Social Architecture in the Public Realm’.

Susan’s pioneering work includes pilot projects which demonstrate her adept hand at executing a social architecture vision with a community of citizens and institutional stakeholders. Her consultative and collaborative approach has ushered in design strategies that generate funding models that fuel, not only the cost of construction but operating capital for educating and employing the local residential pool to maintain and grow with the design executions. Her innate ability to design with empathy through this multidisciplinary approach has allowed for the creation of unique solutions in response to community concerns and global dialogues.

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