The Architect’s Professional Protective Ally

Product offerings such as mandatory annual practice insurance, increased limits and spike-up coverage are presented as Insurance Solutions on the site. The Risk Education section provides a more comprehensive selection of learning on risk topics to enhance architects’ resiliency to claims and other practice risks. The Risk Services offering makes it even easier for architects to contact us for complimentary, confidential risk management advice or help to better understand the coverages, benefits, limits and exclusions of professional liability insurance.

Other website features include:

  • Improved searchability, making it easier for architects to access expertise and our knowledge through our library of bulletins, newsletters, and though-leadership. 
  • Ability to pre-book meetings and appointments with Underwriting, Claims and Risk Management directly from the site.
  • Mobile responsiveness, enabling architects to connect with us through any mobile or tablet device.

The website is part of Pro-Demnity’s communications and brand initiatives in response to client feedback and input gathered through a comprehensive client relationship survey in 2019.

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