Dispute resolution wordings

The Straight Line Newsletter — Issue #15 In This Issue Dispute resolution wordings – Arbitration can be a good and useful tool, when used appropriately. Unfortunately, some client-authored contracts include clauses related to arbitration that sacrifice the architect’s best interests. John Hackett, Pro-Demnity’s VP Practice Risk Management explains how to recognize and avoid these unhealthy […]
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Contract? What Contract?

Work on a small office building, starts before a permit has been issued. A gross error is discovered in the drawings, so the building is redesigned, but the desired design is not possible. The modified design is built, but it contains further flaws, so the owner sues the architect.
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Too Many Cooks…

Three architects, a construction manager and one engineer, all reviewing one mason’s work, cause confusion on a job site. An expert is hired but his advice is ignored.
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A house is not a home

An architect fails to record client instructions, confusing residential ambiance with institutional requirements, and shoddy workmanship goes unobserved by the engineer.
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Loss Control Through Claims Experience

On a difficult site, an architect exceeds the limits of his expertise and fails in his duty to the owner as “inspector of work,” assuming liability for incorrect work.
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Client-Authored Contracts for Architectural Services

Risk Transfer Concerns with Insurance Implications The following draws on material originally developed by Pro-Demnity and its legal counsel, to assist the RAIC respond to questions arising from a presentation to a Senate Committee. The response to the RAIC captured many of the common concerns of architects related to Risk Transfer arising from client-authored contract […]
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