Why do lawsuits against architects take so long to resolve?

One of the best parts of my practice as a defence lawyer at Pro-Demnity are initial meetings with architects at the outset of a case. I find it fascinating to learn about the diverse projects being designed and delivered by practices across Ontario.  Of course, I am under no illusion that the feeling is mutual, […]
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Limitation Periods: Is an architect ever safe from litigation?

By the very nature of the profession, when an architect is sued, it has to do with a dispute centred on a building.  Since most buildings are designed to last decades or longer, does this mean an architect should remain fearful of litigation about each project indefinitely, or could they ever rest easy knowing the […]
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What Architects need to know about 30.10 motions

Imagine this scenario: a busy architect is out making a site visit when it happens: their phone buzzes and an email pops up from a colleague alerting them that legal documents were served on the firm at reception. When the architect opens the attached pdf, they see a bunch of legal documents, possibly under a […]
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