The best reads of 2020

To wrap up the year, we’re sharing the top 10 list of the most-clicked articles & bulletins on a range of topics, from across our website, social media channel and newsletter.

Here’s what architects read this year:

  1. COVID-19 Resources and Special Edition Bulletins
  2. Client-authored Indemnification Clauses.
  3. Lenders’ Undertakings
  4. The Grenfell Tower Revisited – The Straight Line (Issue 12-Nov 2020
  5. What records should I keep?
  6. Professional Liability Insurance is different and special
  7. 2020 Plan Update
  8. The Straight Line (Issue 10-June 2020)
  9. Client-Authored Contracts for Architectural Services (Although this bulletin was first published in 2018, it enjoyed another “moment” this year.)
  10. Claims Expense Deductible

*The rankings were driven by stakeholders including (but not limited to) architects, architectural technologists, architectural practice leaders, partners and principals, risk leaders, insurance decision-makers, policyholders and ancillary professionals (i.e., lawyers, engineers), as derived from website visits and page views from January 1, 2020 to December 11, 2022.

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