Top 10 risk-related reads of 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, we’re sharing the year’s most-read risk management articles and news items.*

Architects showed interest in a broad range of topics – from specific advice to broader planning and risk mitigation solutions. Reading about COVID-19 and the impacts to the profession as well as to professional liability insurance ranked 1st again for the second year running. In second place is a seasoned lawyer’s perspective on the typical pitfalls faced by Architects in litigation. And rounding out the top three is the 16th edition of the Straight Line which reviewed several relevant books on the subject of project risk and general risk management.

  1. COVID-19 Resources for Architects
  2. 5 Things a Pro-Demnity Lawyer Doesn’t Want to Hear from an Architect
  3. Firmness, Calamity and Delight – The Straight Line Issue #16
  4. Dispute Resolution Wordings
  5. 6 Ways to Reduce Risk
  6. Excluded Services Endorsement
  7. Do Your Fees Adequately Reflect Project Risk and Scope?
  8. Planning for Risk
  9. Navigating Risk: What Practice Leaders Do
  10. 25 Things Within An Architect’s Control
  11. Retirement from Practice Program

Most of the reads take less than 3 minutes, delivering valuable expertise to support architects in their professional roles, while providing relevant and useful solutions that help architects to manage, mitigate, avoid, transfer, or assume risk with eyes wide open.

What better way to start planning for 2022 than to learn from 2021?

*The rankings were driven by stakeholders including (but not limited to) architects, architectural technologists, architectural practice leaders, partners and principals, risk leaders, insurance decision-makers, policyholders and ancillary professionals (i.e., lawyers, engineers), as derived from website visits and page views from January 1, 2021 to December 23, 2021.

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