Rates, Inflation and Premiums

Over these last many years, Pro-Demnity has consistently shared that the costs it faces continue to climb. Several trends over the last 10 years have increased architects’ exposure over longer […]
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Inaccurate Certificates

Under the various pressures of contract administration, architects can sometimes exercise too little care when issuing certificates. Inaccurate, false or misleading certificates are potential sources of claims.
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2023 Annual Update: Protecting Practices

Protecting Ontario’s architectural practices is what Pro-Demnity does. It’s rooted in our history and informs our future. It’s why we matter to architects, and why architects count on us. This year’s annual update highlights how we rally to protect practices, and the protective measures we employ to enable architecture firms in their pursuit of designing a better world.
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Why architects should use OAA contracts

There’s just ONE contract to rule them all, and it’s from the OAA. Here’s a litigator’s perspective on how OAA 600 and OAA 800 protect architects.
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Navigating Risk:
What Practice Leaders Do

A fresh look at the facets of risk in architectural practice and how simple, methodical approaches help leaders (re-)evaluate risk. Risks inherently exist throughout the life of an architectural design […]
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Season 1 of Architects’ Claims Stories

Season one is packaged up to include 4 full episodes and one bonus episode from Season 2. Each episode includes lessons learned and offers tips to help architects be more risk-aware in your practice.
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Lenders’ Undertakings (aka “Bank” or “Funder” Letter)

Since 2020, Pro-Demnity continues to receive increased calls from architects who are faced with an unfamiliar but seemingly harmless request from their client: to sign a form of undertaking addressed […]
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Relying on Consultants

Architects sometimes take on projects that require the skill and experience that only a specialist consultant can provide. And, it’s easy to fall into the trap of taking responsibility in areas where your knowledge, and your ability to control events, are limited.
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