Client Demands

Many architects will tell you that some of their greatest professional rewards come from their relationships with their clients, working as a team toward a common goal. But occasionally, these relationships break down, and what starts out as professional affection deteriorates into outright animosity. It’s a fine idea to make friends of clients, and even clients of friends, but remember: business and friendship can sometimes make poor allies.
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Unchecked Qualifications

“Trust but verify” is a diplomatic term that applies just as well to architectural practice. Give your team members enough space to exercise their own skills, but always maintain a discreet watchful eye. Lack of professional oversight contributes to several problems, and those problems lead to claims.
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A Claim in Four Figures

We’re introducing a new series that aims to provide a crisp, clear and numbers-driven claim situation. Kicking off the Claim in Four Figures series, is “The Square Footage Error.”
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Poor Site Planning

In architectural practice, boundaries are critical. There are physical boundaries, professional boundaries and, what might best be called aspirational boundaries. In this episode, boundaries are badly defined, ignored, stretched and transgressed. Abysmal record keeping only makes matters worse.
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Rates, Inflation and Premiums

Over these last many years, Pro-Demnity has consistently shared that the costs it faces continue to climb. Several trends over the last 10 years have increased architects’ exposure over longer […]
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