5 things a Pro-Demnity lawyer doesn’t want to hear from an architect

John Little, Partner, Keel Cotrelle LLP Over the years, I have had a great many initial meetings with architects and Pro-Demnity Claims Managers as we start to learn more about the Claim being made against the architect. During those years, I have developed a list of the things I realize I don’t want to hear. […]
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Dispute resolution wordings

The Straight Line Newsletter — Issue #15 In This Issue Dispute resolution wordings – Arbitration can be a good and useful tool, when used appropriately. Unfortunately, some client-authored contracts include clauses related to arbitration that sacrifice the architect’s best interests. John Hackett, Pro-Demnity’s VP Practice Risk Management explains how to recognize and avoid these unhealthy […]

25 Things Within An Architect’s Control

Did you know there are at least 25 things that an architect can do to manage or mitigate practice and project risks? We first shared our list of “25 Things” at the 2021 OAA Virtual Conference. Read on and download this useful resource to start implementing or integrating any one (or all!) of these ideas in your practice.
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Client-authored Indemnification Clauses

The dangers of indemnification clauses have been addressed in numerous Pro-Demnity and OAA publications, and for good reason: Some of these clauses are so dangerous to architects that they have been dubbed “Murder Clauses.”
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Lenders’ Undertakings

During 2020, Pro-Demnity has seen an increase in calls from architects who are faced with an unfamiliar but seemingly harmless request from their client: to sign a form of undertaking addressed to a third party – most often to a lending institution or financial partner – that is providing funding for the project.  Architects seeking […]
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Claims Expense Contribution (also known as Claims Expense Deductible)

Effective April 1, 2020 Pro-Demnity Insurance Company will begin applying a Claims Expense Contribution (CEC) to a small number of Policyholders. The CEC will impose a new deductible on the Expenses involved in defending a claim, commencing at the point where the claim must be defended, whether through mediation, litigation, or other legal means.