Claims and Legal team host first ever Legal Panel Conference

On November 7, 2023, Pro-Demnity’s Legal and Claims team organized a Legal Panel Conference event to bring together external legal counsel firms with our in-house litigators. The event was organized by Rosemarie Hurst, SVP of Claims and Legal, and was the first of its kind. The purpose of the event was to share information on the common goal of defending architects in litigated claims alleging errors, omissions, or negligence.

The conference was attended by several external legal counsel firms, who were invited to share their expertise and insights on a variety of topics. The event was structured around a series of presentations and panel discussions, with ample time for networking and informal discussions.

The conference began with a welcome from Bruce Palmer, President and CEO, and an opening address by Rosemarie Hurst, who welcomed the attendees and provided an overview of the objectives of the event. This was followed by a series of presentations by members of Pro-Demnity’s Legal and Claims team, who provided an overview of the company’s approach to defending architects in litigated claims.

The presentations were followed by a series of panel discussions, which provided an opportunity for attendees to ask questions and share their own experiences and insights. The discussions covered a wide range of topics, including best practices for defending architects in litigated claims, emerging trends in the field, and strategies for managing risk.

One external participant commented that “the discussions were stimulating and thought provoking.  We learned a lot from our fellow panel members. And I think it is fair to say we learned even more from the Pro-Demnity team presenters. You gave us a great look behind the curtain of the business. It gave all of us a deeper understanding of the context in which we provide services. We also appreciated the lessons in timely communication. These were good reminders and were presented in a positive and encouraging way.”

Rosemarie Hurst, SVP Claims and Legal stated that the conference was the first of its kind for Pro-Demnity and will become an annual event. “It was the perfect blend to have all the great legal, insurance, and architectural minds in one room. The camaraderie amongst the team was certainly displayed throughout the day and while it was a lot of work, everyone had a great time and learned so much.”

Overall, the Legal Panel Conference event was a resounding success. Attendees praised the event for its collegial and professional atmosphere, as well as the quality of the presentations and panel discussions. One attendee referred to the event as “wonderful” and went on to share their congratulations to the team on the “thoughtful organization and the splendid execution of the conference.”

The event provided a valuable opportunity for Pro-Demnity’s Claims and Legal team to share information and insights with external legal counsel firms, and to strengthen and build relationships that will be beneficial in supporting architects in the future.

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