Claims and Architect expertise expands at Pro-Demnity. Architects poised to benefit.

For many years, Pro-Demnity’s in-house architects have provided valued risk services to architectural practices across the province, while being involved in the claims management process. It is part of our “architects insuring architects” approach. In the last few years, Pro-Demnity has experienced an increased need amongst architects for risk services, that is, risk insight, solutions, general advice on risks and professional liability insurance implications. For architects proactively seeking to avoid claims and better manage risk, speaking to an experienced architect who is well-versed in both insurance and risk, has been progressively more sought after.  We are now addressing this need by allocating architect resources accordingly.

Here are two things Pro-Demnity is doing to better support architects with claims handling as well as risk services and education:

New Claims Specialists:

  • Three new Insurance Professionals have been added to the Legal and Claims team. We welcomed Jay Pahk, Jack Daiter and Darshana Radhoa in March 2022.
  • Each of them has significant depth of expertise in the management of professional liability insurance claims and serve as Claims Specialists.
  • They are taking over day-to-day administrative management of existing claim files, with direct support from our architects Sal Knafo and Leslie Parker.
  • Both Sal and Leslie are working closely together with the Specialists to ensure an effective transfer of knowledge on the files by the end of July and will strategize and coordinate with our Claims Specialists where required.
  • Sal and Leslie will continue to be consulted as required on all existing and new claims, as necessary.

A New Department is being Established

  • The expanded talent in claims, now enables Pro-Demnity to further enhance our Risk Services and Risk Education capabilities to architects. 
  • Sal will join John Hackett, our VP Practice Risk Management and Leslie Parker, our newest architect on staff, to form a new department. Leslie joined Pro-Demnity at the end of May 2022, adding knowledge and capacity to the architect team to support clients, and the claims process.
  • Reporting to the CEO, the intent of this department is to increase our ability to provide architects with personalized, one-on-one risk guidance.
  • Together, they will continue to be a valued sounding board to architects and firms facing pressing, risk-related issues. 
  • This new department will be better positioned to respond to architects’ requests for help and assist them to proactively manage risks associated with their practice in wise, effective, and efficient ways. 
  • Our in-house team of architects will continue to be consulted as required on all existing and new claims. We have mapped out our claims process and identified the key points at which architects will be consulted, and our Claims Specialists and Architects will work together to ensure proper claims support is maintained.
  • We look forward to sharing more details about this department, and more specifically how they will serve architects, later in the summer.

Pro-Demnity’s commitment to protect and defend architects is further enhanced by these updates to our operational practices, while maintaining the services and supports that clients rely on.

Updated April 24, 2023

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