Limitation Periods: Is an architect ever safe from litigation?

By the very nature of the profession, when an architect is sued, it has to do with a dispute centred on a building.  Since most buildings are designed to last decades or longer, does this mean an architect should remain fearful of litigation about each project indefinitely, or could they ever rest easy knowing the […]
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Impact of changes to cap on Claims Expenses

Pro-Demnity will no longer provide unlimited ClaimsExpenses and defence costs when Excess Insuranceis purchased outside the Pro-Demnity program. Thischange has important consequences for architectspurchasing Excess Insurance from other insurers. Thereasoning behind the changes is provided below, and the amendments to the Pro-Demnity Policies implementing this change are provided as Appendices to this Notice. Architects who […]
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Why You Must Understand “Claims Made” Insurance…

“Claims Made” insurance and the implications of such policies can be misunderstood by architects and their engineering consultants. Failure to understand the features and consequences of a “Claims Made” insurance policy may lead to loss of insurance coverage. In any discussion of the features of professional liability insurance for architects and engineers, it will be […]
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