Client Vaccination Mandates – Before You Sign on the Dotted Line during COVID-19 – Bulletin #11

COVID-19 SPECIAL BULLETIN #11 MATTERS DESERVING IMMEDIATE ATTENTIONCOVID-19 Vaccination Mandates Now that effective COVID-19 vaccines are widely available, the next hurdle is to stop the spread of infection by increasing vaccination rates and limiting physical contact between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Vaccine mandates help to further this goal. Architects will have noticed that project owners […]
Bulletins COVID-19 / COVID Pandemic Risk Management Series

Changes to allowable construction activities

Prior to April 17, 2021, s.43 of the O. Reg 82/20 provided that all construction activities or projects and related services were allowed to proceed in Stage 1 areas of Shutdown due to COVID-19. As of April 17, all of Ontario is in Shutdown and s.43 has been significantly amended, with the result that construction […]
Bulletins COVID-19 / COVID