Architects’ Vaccination Mandates

COVID-19 SPECIAL BULLETIN #12 On March 1, 2022, updated COVID-19 public health measures come into effect, most notably, that “proof of vaccination requirements [are] lifted, with businesses being allowed to implement them voluntarily.” It is therefore important for architects considering their own vaccination policies to understand what may be included in a vaccination mandate as […]
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The Apology Act

The Straight Line Newsletter — Issue #17 IN THIS ISSUE Sorry. Not Sorry. The Apology Act is intended to make it possible for professionals, including architects, to apologize for errors, without necessarily incurring liability. The word “necessarily” is important here, since there are critical exceptions. Danielle Muise of Aird & Berlis LLP discusses the Act […]
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Client Vaccination Mandates – Before You Sign on the Dotted Line during COVID-19 – Bulletin #11

COVID-19 SPECIAL BULLETIN #11 Although mandatory government vaccination mandates seem to be ending in many jurisdictions (for example, the Ontario government has announced March 1 2022 as the date for changes to proof of vaccination requirements, project owners may still choose to have their own vaccination mandates for work on their projects. Although the original […]
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Changes to allowable construction activities

Prior to April 17, 2021, s.43 of the O. Reg 82/20 provided that all construction activities or projects and related services were allowed to proceed in Stage 1 areas of Shutdown due to COVID-19. As of April 17, all of Ontario is in Shutdown and s.43 has been significantly amended, with the result that construction […]
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