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The Straight Line Newsletter — Issue #19 Client management requires consistency, discipline, a focus on shared goals, and managing the path to the successful and claims-free realization of your design. These articles provide a considered and enlightened look at what it takes to mitigate risks when working with clients. My Client Was My Friend, Until […]
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How to manage your clients and minimize claims

Once you’ve decided to take on a client, it’s important to be risk-proactive.
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My client was my friend, until they sued me

Fourteen guidelines for architects on how to deal with personal– professional relationships.
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Working together to keep water in its place

This is an abbreviated version of an article that was published in the Fall 2018 edition of Pushing the Envelope Canada, which is printed twice per year by Matrix Group Publishing Inc. for the Ontario Building Envelope Council. Portions of the original article have been reprinted with permission and may not be reproduced without prior […]
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Architects’ Claims Stories: Real and Unreal

Every insurance claim tells a story of human behaviour. There’s the factual side: what happened and why? And there’s the outcome: the physical, economic, emotional, social, relationship or professional consequences.  Pro-Demnity has played a central role in Ontario architects’ claims for 35 years, helping architects when they’ve experienced allegations of error or negligence. The situations […]
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Sorry. Not Sorry.

The Apology Act is intended to make it possible for professionals, including architects, to apologize for errors, without necessarily Incurring liability. The word “necessarily” is important here, since there are critical exceptions. Danielle Muise discusses the Act as it applies to Ontario architects.
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Eight Insurance Risk Trends to Watch

Bruce Palmer, President and CEO shares eight important trends that will affect insurance risks and claims.
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Top 10 risk-related reads of 2021

The following Top 10 Reads of 2021 reflect the interests and needs of Ontario’s Architects to improve their knowledge and understanding of risks associated with architectural practice.
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