2023 Top Ten Risk Education Insights for Architects

Once more, we’re sharing the year’s most-read risk education articles and news items.* This is our fourth annual list providing a round-up of what architects found interesting to read in 2023 from their professional liability insurer.

Topping this year’s list is Season one of Architects’ Claims Stories podcast. The inaugural season features four 30-minute episodes, recounting the circumstances of a real claim, inspired by the 6,000+ that
Pro-Demnity has defended over the years.

Landing in second place is Why Architects should use OAA Contracts, written by in-house Managing Counsel, Philip Ghosh, who highlights the benefits of leveraging OAA 600 or OAA 800 as the standardized contract of choice for Certificate of Practice holders.

Capturing the third spot and appearing on the Top Ten list for the third consecutive year, is the well-received List of Lawyers, which refers architects to Pro-Demnity’s “go-to” lawyers for all things related to protecting a practice’s business interests.

New on the list this year, are articles written by Leslie Parker and Salvador Knafo of our Risk Alliance team, sharing their expertise and insights on ways to improve your risk management practices from the client engagement and design stage straight through to Site Review.

  1. Season one of Architects’ Claims Stories podcast.
  2. Why architects should use OAA Contracts.
  3. Lawyers available to assist architects.
  4. A claim in four Figures.
  5. Is your Site Review as good as you think?
  6. Will your architectural documents help (or hinder) your defense?
  7. Limitation Periods: is an architect ever safe from litigation?
  8. Lender’s undertakings (aka “bank” or “funding” letters)
  9. 25 things within an architect’s control.
  10. For whom the litigation tolls: what architects need to know about tolling agreements.

Most of the reads take less than 3 minutes, delivering valuable insights to support architects in their professional roles, while providing relevant and useful solutions that help architects to manage, mitigate, avoid, transfer, or assume risk with eyes wide open.

*The rankings were driven by stakeholders including (but not limited to) architects, architectural technologists, architectural practice leaders, partners and principals, risk leaders, insurance decision-makers, policyholders and ancillary professionals (i.e., lawyers, engineers), as derived from website visits and page views from January 1, 2023, to December 1, 2023.

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