Claims Expense Contribution (also known as Claims Expense Deductible)

Effective April 1, 2020 Pro-Demnity Insurance Company will begin applying a Claims Expense Contribution (CEC) to a small number of Policyholders. The CEC will impose a new deductible on the Expenses involved in defending a claim, commencing at the point where the claim must be defended, whether through mediation, litigation, or other legal means.

Impact of changes to cap on Claims Expenses

Pro-Demnity will no longer provide unlimited ClaimsExpenses and defence costs when Excess Insuranceis purchased outside the Pro-Demnity program. Thischange has important consequences for architectspurchasing Excess Insurance from other insurers. Thereasoning behind the changes is provided below, and the amendments to the Pro-Demnity Policies implementing this change are provided as Appendices to this Notice. Architects who […]
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Client-Authored Contracts for Architectural Services

Risk Transfer Concerns with Insurance Implications The following draws on material originally developed by Pro-Demnity and its legal counsel, to assist the RAIC respond to questions arising from a presentation to a Senate Committee. The response to the RAIC captured many of the common concerns of architects related to Risk Transfer arising from client-authored contract […]
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Infrastructure Ontario Supplementary Conditions to OAA Document 600-2013

The most recent IO Supplementary Conditions to an OAA Document 600-2013 were issued by Infrastructure Ontario (IO) in June, 2017. As was the case with the previous amendments to the 2008 version of OAA Document 600, the new IO amendments are extensive, changing much of the original content. The OAA’s advisory document is available on […]

Revisions to Non-Drained Exterior Wall Exclusion

Revisions to Non-Drained Exterior WallExclusion clarify that: An architect’s design that may have complied with the water ingress coverage requirements in a Pro-Demnity policy but was NOT constructed in compliance with the insurability requirements will NOT be covered for water ingress; For the purposes of determining water ingress coverage, “YOUR design” applies to an “as […]