Loss Control Through Claims Experience

On a difficult site, an architect exceeds the limits of his expertise and fails in his duty to the owner as “inspector of work,” assuming liability for incorrect work.
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What Records Should I Keep

There is no simple rule. Which records prove to be most important will depend on the particulars of the claim and will differ in each instance. When litigation occurs, it […]
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Client-authored Indemnification Clauses

The dangers of indemnification clauses have been addressed in numerous Pro-Demnity and OAA publications, and for good reason: Some of these clauses are so dangerous to architects that they have been dubbed “Murder Clauses.”
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Two Risks That You Can Avoid Now

The Straight Line Newsletter — Issue #12 Pro-Demnity Presents Joanne McCallum as Chair The Pro-Demnity Board is pleased to introduce chair, Joanne McCallum, OAA, FRAIC.  Joanne joined the Pro-Demnity Board in […]
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Navigating the “new normal”

The Straight Line Newsletter — Issue #10 This is the tenth issue of The Straight Line. Articles cover a broad range of topics that engage Ontario architects insured by Pro-Demnity, […]