Working together to keep water in its place

This is an abbreviated version of an article that was published in the Fall 2018 edition of Pushing the Envelope Canada, which is printed twice per year by Matrix Group […]
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Failure to Communicate

Episode 2 of Architects’ Claims Stories shares how a simple exchange of information, promptly delivered, duly recorded and correctly remembered, might have saved everyone a lot of grief.
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Foreign Jurisdictions and Architects’ Liability

When the World is not Enough Almost every liability (professional or otherwise) insurance policy has a territorial or jurisdictional limit, often referred to in terms such as “Your Policy Territory”. […]
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2022 Annual Update

From our early beginnings as an indemnity plan in 1987, Pro-Demnity was designed to be the architects’ trusted, protective, professional ally, providing Ontario’s architectural practices with professional liability insurance solutions and risk management services. We enable the architectural profession to improve society and human interaction through better design, by supporting the wise, effective, and efficient management of risk. Read our 2022 Annual Update and learn how we are protective by design.
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Architects’ Claims Stories: Real and Unreal

Every insurance claim tells a story of human behaviour. There’s the factual side: what happened and why? And there’s the outcome: the physical, economic, emotional, social, relationship or professional consequences.  […]
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No Written Record

This pilot episode of Architects’ Claims Stories deals with the consequences of an architect failing to keep written records.
Case Studies Podcast Client or Sub-contractor Relationship Management Delays Documentation / Contracts Podcast

Who’s In Charge?

Three architects, a construction manager and one engineer, all reviewing one mason’s work, cause confusion on a job site. An expert is hired but his advice is ignored.
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